Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Toy

I've been resisting becoming a PODHEAD for too long. For Mother's Day my sons saw to it that I submit like the rest of the civil?zed world. Once stuffed with your favorite sounds, the little Nano sits like a tick down into one of the headphone earcovers. No wires, no worries. The only danger is getting caught singing along.

1 comment:

Romeo Morningwood said...

You are way more HITECH than I am.
and in the I told you so department I had to upgrade my daughters' headphones to those GIANT real headphones like the ones that you are wearing. Well what do ya know..didn't I tell them that ten years ago when they were tweenies and started to have(NEED) their own tunes.

I don't get to be right about many things very often so this is one instance that I will never ever EVER let them forget!