Friday, May 04, 2007


JLB, I'm afraid I have to be a stinker about playing the game where you post 7 things about yourself. I also have a horror of asking others to play. People who know me will assure you there's nothing shy or retiring about me at all. Perhaps this is a place to try and maintain a civilized front, something I struggle with on a daily basis. All you have to do is look around here and you'll see as much of my private self as I care to hang on a public line. ALSO, when prodded in these directions, my foremost inclination is to make up outrageous shit and lie wildly when the truth is much more bizarre. Then I ask myself "why" on both counts. Here's an old clue .

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Sonji Hunt said...

You are so silly. I, too, was tagged for this and emailed the tagger that I would do my bit about the list, but have no more resources for bloggers who will comply. I know we all did this sort of thing when there were only 60 or so of us in the ring. We must let the young 'uns have their fun.