Sunday, December 30, 2007

remember those scraps from yesterday?

I've been busy. I was going to take a look around the web for input on log cabin blocks but decided against it. I shoulda looked. Should learned what it was all about. Each block is 9"square-ish. I did make one years ago but the fabric was all plaids from Bonnie Doon blouses - who could tell which end was up? I sure couldn't. And now this. I got up this morning, finished off the last blocks while listening to Charles Osgood guide us through some good and thoughtful news including a wonderful article on the English painter J.M.W. Turner and the fact the Blue Iris will be the Color to be in 2008. Then I came downstairs to see what the internet had to offer. Checking Bloglines to see who had updated recently, I was delighted to see that Dijanne Cevaal had something new to offer. It never ceases to amaze me how we seem to tune in to the same things. I like hers better but "I ran out of orange and red" seems a lame excuse. Maybe some checkerboard sashing? Maybe some ketchup and glitter? Jude - I have to take a serious lesson from you. "SLOW DOWN & CONSIDER" would put it gently. I rushed this one into pell mell hell so far. I was knee deep in scraps when I remembered what I really wanted to do was a move on your little windows which will remain on my mental drawing board.


zquilts said...

Wow ! You accomplished a lot ! Talk about being driven to produce ! Personally, I think it looks pretty good. How large is it??

Karoda said...

I love the colour balance with this design!