Saturday, December 29, 2007

what I'm working on

There are a few good shepherds on the QuiltArt mail list who, when the topics wander too often into dangerous or irrelevant territory, will ask the very pertinent question "What are you working on" art-quilt-wise?" This time,when the bell was rung, I drew a blank. Colin got me a copy of "Art & Fear " for Christmas and I started to keep my promise to self to make time for holding a book in my hands and taking the content in through my eyes and into my brain. Good Old Fashioned reading. No sooner did I start the second chapter than I needed to put the book down and start assembling UFOs to be discorporated as ingredients for a functional, to be snuggled under, bed quilt. Much of the impetus for this project has come from Jude Hill's "Listen to the River" story. Really, it's where all my current work got started years ago. Making something useful out of drek. Making something to be beloved and long lasting. Making something that matters for someone who matters to me. Not a bad way to start the new year.


mzjohansen said...

I love the river blog ! So-who will this quilt be for? I am still a lover of bed quilts - and still want them on the beds of all my loved one.I love the mascot of the pile too !
Happy New Year !

Karoda said...

Hi ya! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the holiday card!

I have a guild member who quilts are 90% made from men's shirts that she gets at thrift stores. She recently took 14 quilts down from a show she was invited to hang.

Happy stitching in 2008!

jude said...

hey, what an honor to inspire. i will be following this cloth's story!