Friday, December 07, 2007

Moments that Sing in the Heart

I love this picture. You can click on it get a better look.I shot it through the car window while we were waiting for our hosts to catch up with us at their house. "Yoo Hoo, honey, the Men in Black are here." I got up with an aching back this morning and wasn't all that enthused about grocery shopping but I wanted to cook so I had to do the necessaries. The Publix bakery worked their worst voodoo on me but while I was walking around in the store adding things to the cart, I had a change of heart about those two cannolis I was going to devour so I walked them back to whence they came. As I put them back into the cold case, who should appear over my shoulder but my best Angel, the ganster on the left in this photo, catching me red-handed being good. He was in the store picking up lunch things for his crew. Love you my darling.

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