Tuesday, September 30, 2008

new things

A friend has decided that the best way to recruit new members to her particular form of crack is to give lovely gifts and I am oh so joyful! Thanks so much M. I am hard at work looking for inks and papers. Today was Senior Citizens Discount day at the local Goodwill and I got carded AND I got my 25% discount. These are all new and close at hand along with what used to be just sewing glasses. I'm on a mission to get the two sides of my brain talking to one another - maybe for the first time.


Anna said...

So Sad about QN - too bad they are blind and tasteless, poor dears!
But you do have Chandler, so be proud. Love the new pen and burple ink. I used to so love writing and with a real inkpen...now I have trouble signing my name on checks - bad computer, bad computer.
How's that chili comp coming - that cornbread looked so yummy, wanted to reach into screen and grab myself a handful - yummmmmmm.

Ann said...

Enjoy Annie Dillard: if you haven't already, be sure and read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek too. Thanks for your comment on my blog... come stare anytime.

Ann Miller Titus