Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catching up

It's been a busy week. I decided on a nice deep border for the Booby Fling. Love those Cherrywood cottons from A. This one turned out a bit bigger than the others and so will take more time to quilt. As the weather chills down, this one is just enough to keep warm under while I work. I'm going to buy a lingerie bag and wash this one to test my care instructions so I can sell off a few of these. Now that I recognize that making them is an addiction I can not only tolerate but perhaps profit from. Jim had his final, miserably huge stitches removed on Friday. I kept imagining (and snickering over) an old joke that when the stitches were removed, his ass would fall off. The surgeon was mercifully brisk and almost like magic Jim's smile came back, he stood up straight and his ass did not fall off. I look forward to shedding my Nurse Ratchet in Charge of Pain persona and revert to being Queen of His Realm.

To celebrate, I spent the day with my buddy Jan down in her neck of the woods. We ran amok at Los Bravos with taco salads and decanters of Sangria although they didn't serve it with fresh fruit like at the Columbia in Tampa AND they wouldn't let us take the unfinished decanter with us!

OHCO disappointed me yardage wise - for some unknown reason they have removed all the manufacturer's labels from the bolts on the shelves and what was left seemed dirty and picked over. They were delighted to feature tables piled with simple, hemmed tablecloths and napkins. I only bought just this one to see what I might make of it but it was only $3.


Vicki W said...

The wide blue border is going to look great. I have only used Cherrywood fabrics once and the color ran and fabrics faded pretty significanty. When you wash it the first time you might put in a couple of color catchers just in case. My experience was from several years ago so their dyeing methods may have changed by now.

jane dávila said...

Deb: I had no idea that you had so much going on with your husband - and I'm so glad that things are getting better.

I love your Fling quilts. They are so spontaneous and organic and have such verve!


Tanya Brown said...

(Over from the QuiltArt list)

I'm laughing out loud at your turn of phrase about your husband's rump falling off. May he have a swift and sure recovery!

I'm greatly enjoying your quilts.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

I'm so glad the stitches are finally out, what a relief that is! And double glad that hubby still has an ass, think how cranky he'd be then! The border looks great, that Cherrywood fabric is just plain lovely. And oooh sangria sounds so good right now.

susan said...

i do love these birds. my comment on them before was not posted...i am not sure why. they are such odd creatures.