Monday, September 01, 2008

Reward for Hard Work

I spent the day simultaneously updating my main website gallery and finalizing things for the QN entry. I think I have everything in the right places. Who knows what's on that CD - they may get treated to pictures of spiders and cat asses instead of the pieces I intended as entries. I'm sure the judges could use a good laugh after a bit. As I was building the individual pages for each of the six new pieces (new since December 2007- the last time I updated the site) I had to root around my psychotically disorganized server space for various images. I found that, thanks to my blogging habit, several pieces have good "works in progress" posts complete with images and I though about linking to those posts from the website like this. What do you think about doing this? Later on, a fantastic treat. Colin left us a movie to watch after dinner and I spent most of the whole film with my mouth open and eyes peeled. I'm a real tough customer when it comes to movie entertainment and this one has been newly installed in my top five. A complete visual feast to go along with spellbinding storytelling. Don't blink or step out for a snack, you'll miss something wonderful. Rent the Fall by Tarsem Singh, you won't regret it!

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