Saturday, December 19, 2009

in a tiz

I recently popped of to have my say at The Painter's Key in response to an article about an issue that been on my mind - working big, working small.  This twice weekly  newsletter has become one of my favorite daily reads. It's becoming more relevant to me as I move to step out of the "fiber" artist box without abandoning fiber as my medium.

And, thanks to Jude for the mention of her recent acquisition of "Mayhem", I have been scrambling to upgrade my store and commit to selling some recent things that I wasn't ready to part with. The response to her post was a great emotional lift. Actual SALES! 

There have been a lot of inquiries about the fiber fossils (thanks for that too, J) which sounds a bit more inviting than what I was calling them - fiber mummies - and I am going ahead with mounting a few other pieces in the same way.

And before I forget AGAIN have you seen this absolute wonder of a piece?
I am so proud of you Arlee!


Denise Aumick said...

Fiber fossils! Perfect. I think I already told you I've done this same thing, Deb...and...have found that people are fascinated with the stiffened textural quality of varnished a textile piece brushed with medium (i've also used varnishes).

arlee said...

I like what you said there: "the design has to be created for our hunter's eye "----the myopia of stitching needs to be viewed ourselves as we work at arm's length to keep focused, paradoxicaly enough.

I'm glad your sales are up! And thank you for the mention--hey everybody, the link to my blog goes to a piece that was made with one of Deb's amazing hand dyed damasks!

Robin Olsen said...

This piece really grabs me! That red spot looks like a playful creature coming to life.