Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Color coming on

Along with the sun being just so in relationship to our ball of mud, the stars must have been rightly aligned.

This piece danced out of several scrap heaps in the studio in a short hour, re-aligned a few bits of itself and was basted in place before my last break.

I spent the last two hours of my shift just eyeballing it and thinking about stitching possibilities.  Now the challenge will be to finish it's predecessor with the same vigor and joy. I feel color coming on.


  1. Carry on. Looking good.

  2. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I found your blog through Spirit Cloth and want to tell you your work is truly wonderful. It inspires me
    with it's texture and composition.

    Such a pleasure to view.


  3. Very nice. It really has some depth to it!

  4. It's very nice, I love the way the colors dance with each other even though they are individual.

  5. You must be bubbling over. I think I got thwapt with a few of your exuberance.

  6. And beside that the composition of this piece with the lights and darks and bursts of outlined reds. Just yummy.

  7. This recent work is exciting! It
    ends up at a place that's all your own.

  8. Let blessed will rush to our heart,
    Let this all unite the hands.
    On the sweet holiday of Christmas
    Be our guest: Goodness, affection!

  9. Merry Christmas and peace at heart, so the colors can start their dance once again :)


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