Saturday, December 26, 2009


I guess I am coming out of my bahumbuggery about Christmas .   We had a lovely, quiet little Christmas here. Jake was here for the morning and came back later for dinner. Colin took Raquel to see her family in Florida but should be back tonight sometime.
For years I have been wanting to find a place where they skip Christmas altogether and go there a week before Thanksgiving and not come back until after New Years. I'm sure the Scrooge-ness is part homesickness and part stress related. I was glad to snatch about 24 hours of peace out of the season this year. Someday I will learn from my mother's example. When I was growing up she and my father managed, with four kids and blue collar budget,  to pull off a Christmas Orgy that would put Martha Stewart to shame and she did it in stride. Her trick was to start shopping sometime back in August. Someone remind me this year, please!


Penny said...

Good for you girl! Coming to terms with it on your own is the giant leap.Memories can often be painful but the tenderness of them is what makes you the kind, loving and giving Mom you are. Happy New Year's Deb!

jude said...

it was a good day here too.

arlee said...

a quiet calm one here also--my family had huge noisy smellie crowded christmases and i do miss them, but this year's was special with just the three of us and lots of food and laughing----january is the best time to start :}
happy happies, my friend!