Monday, December 21, 2009


Stitching continues on this one, I've come to love building mock floss from 4,6, even 8 strands of regular sewing thread, cottons and rayons together with a strand of metallic thrown in for pizzazz. "Chess 3" just before mummification ( I solved the problem of the process darkening white fabric!) and something new just started to celebrate the turning of the year. Did someone mention that there's a heavy holiday breathing down my neck? Jim just left to find us a tree!


  1. i hear a fizzing noise. you are bubbling over.

  2. love those combo threads! you're budding in new colours, Blossom!

  3. I love the idea of Mock Floss! Must try that. Really like your direction Deb! Way to go.

  4. I love the freedom with which you express though your fabric. I can see your intuitive nature here. Nice work!

  5. I did something similar recently, on my very first creative stitching project, but I only used two threads. Reading your post, now I'm nervous... I hope the threads are strong enough to hold over time. ( if you're curious).

    I love the idea of combining many threads for color effects. And I LOVELOVELOVE the piece at lower left. It looks so slurpably tactile, and the colors are so subtle, and rather haunting. It's beautiful.


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