Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweetie fits in

Sweetie has become a member of the household in a limited way for now.
We have kept her secluded in the master bedroom without putting any other feline noses out of joint. Our cats are free range, coming and going as they please through a cat door, but more often standing with noses pressed to the glass of the slider mentally compelling you to get up from the couch and let them in. So far, Sweetie rarely ventures out of the upstairs and we probably won't let her learn the outdoor property until Spring. She seems content with her domain for now.


  1. a.n.t.6:57 PM

    ooooooh, what a beauty, I know you must just love her to glad she's made herself at home - not that I doubted she wouldn't with your caring hospitality...

  2. Oh what a beautiful kitty!! Her face is so sweet. Not sure how I missed her story, but I am glad you have her and that she is in a loving home.

  3. What a beautiful kitty. Not sure of her story, but I am glad you have her and that she is in a loving home. She has such a darling face.

  4. Hoi deb, thanks to Jude I find you and like you a lot! You catwoman and gifted artmaker.
    I still hope your lost cat comes back, mine was away for 2 months but came back.
    The cat on the picture is a deugniet! (dutch for naughty in the good sense of the word...curious etc..I hope you understand...a bandit is a better word I think)

  5. Delighted to see Sweetie! How old is she? My girls are just getting to know each other and there's a lot of chasing involved but I think Lolalee will do ok here after awhile also. I'm sure yours will do as well.

    I am so grateful for your inspiration, especially the previous message and photos. It stirred me to start my own handsewn little piece. I'm sitting with my husband in the hospital and it keeps my hands busy and my heart steady. See my blog for details. I'm heartbroken. No need to post this in your comments, it was just the easiest way to reach you, plus I love that you got Sweetie.

  6. She is beautiful, and I think you're smart to let her become totally comfortable before expanding her horizons. I'm sure she will get into lots of mischief in your studio if you let her!
    Enjoy the love...

  7. Welcome Sweetie! You found yourself a good cat Mom.

  8. I just added kitty number 7 this past summer to my home. The rescue gal had the best tip I've ever got on this (and with all those cats you know I've tried everything to make the transition smooth). Keep the kitty separate like you are doing. When you think she's happy there (and it seems she is) switch litter boxes, before cleaning. They get her scent and she gets theirs, without direct confrontation, which is where it gets hairy (lol).

    After a couple of days with the switched boxes (you can clean them after the switch, but don't empty and bleach them out) you should be able to allow a bit of supervised time without closed doors, but still allowing the new kitty a safe haven to get back to with a shut door.

    I did this trick and it took only 2 weeks total and the new kitty (Miyu) was introduced seamlessly into the family. Yay! It was the easiest I've ever gone through.

    Just a tip from a fellow cat lover ;)


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