Wednesday, March 14, 2012

basting sails

All of a sudden, it's shorts weather, and once chores and running around were out of the way, I took a chunk of this day off to do some more basting.

Some people may thing it a terrible waste of time but my basting stitches are like Attilla's march and  so I'm perfectly happy snipping and ripping if something needs relocation. I don't even bother sinking a knot at the end of a thread; a back stitch or two will suffice. Pins are such a pain.

I'm going to work on both these large pieces at the same time and have plans to do some some soy wax resist and direct dye painting on both pieces before I make any decision about if, and how, any permanent stitching, machine or hand, happens.


  1. i like those color combos.

  2. Hi Deb -- I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award because I love your colors and dreamy shapes. Details are on my blog. Don't stress about passing it along. Have a colorful day, and thanks for the inspiration!


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