Wednesday, March 21, 2012

prayer flags someday

I think spring has

come so early

in honor of WAS


  1. Beautiful colors to celebrate Was.

  2. A beautiful tribute to Was.

  3. you know he always felt good in colors............

  4. Dear Deborah, Tonight I was surfing blogs and I came across Sharon Tomlinson's blog The Cloth Side Of Me and from her blog list I found you. You two women have more raw artistry in the nail on your pinky finger than any quilters I have never seen. I guess I don't go to the right quilt shows. I am in awe. Thank you for sharing. Your new fan and follower, Connie.

  5. Such a lovely way to pay tribute to Was.

  6. Connie-

    Aw Shucks! You are too kind. It could be that I just don't enter
    the "right" quilt shows. In fact, I think it was 05 the last time I
    did enter one! I never really set out to make quilts..painting with
    cloth was my closest guess. It's great to hear from a new fan. I only
    wish (for all fabric artists really) that the visual images you see
    on the web lived up to the real thing! Sometimes I think I spend more
    time shooting the cloth than stitching on it!


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