Thursday, March 15, 2012

so far so good

After a few hours stewing in it's juices I rinsed this one in cold water to flush off the excess dyes and to not disturb the soywax in the process.

I actually left a few pins in the thing having missed a few corners here and there in my basting frenzy so I had to be a cautious and gentle washer woman. A firehose would have been useful. Keep in mind this is four by six feet and three and four layers thick in places.

The balmy Georgia spring day has turned ugly on us. Thunder is rolling and the sky has turned all dark and broody.

Most of the wax is out of this one now and I am really pleased with the potential of the process so far. It's dark here, soaking wet and I've hung it over the rolling rack in the rain.

There will be some discharging and painting in a few places that are still needing to be pulled together design-wise.  Correcting value deficiencies this way is more fun than it should be.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOO what a difference the overdye day makes!!!

  2. and that is *distinctly* the side view of a skull in the blue leaves part

  3. it really was just a shape in the scrap boogabooga was intended but I plays 'em where they lays.

  4. Incredible! I'm really loving how this is looking... you do have that magic touch!

  5. The scale of this piece makes me itch to work big. Love what the over-dyeing is giving. (Wouldn't we all love to have a fire hose from time to time!) -sus

  6. I've never worked with soy wax, but this is very very tempting. Very gorgeous and has that exuberant Deb-ness to it.

    Is it hard to use? Shall have to read up.


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