Thursday, March 15, 2012


yes, I remembered my bartender's apron and gloves.
The entire piece is crammed into a two gallon steel tub along with about a quart of dye and a gallon of special sauce.   I'll do the reveal later today or tomorrow.
not a crime scene clean up unless the big piece turns out really sucky. this will be the first table mopper of the season, formerly a pristine 24" square vintage damask table napkin. I wonder what the mistress of the household would have thought!

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  1. what a busy deb.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the gorgeous cloth pieces you sent me. i've posted on my blog...
    you may think i'm making too much of your gift of cloth but to me it is wonderful. i don't have anything like the cloths many of you make yourselves. i am going to be trying things this spring and summer but....*goofy grin*... no telling what'll produce.


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