Tuesday, March 13, 2012


There's a snowstorm in my studio! I lucked into an enormous lot of damask tablecloths on ebay last week. I am going to have to haul this and the rest to the laundromat for a harsh thrash before any dyefest can begin..there's starch, fabric softener and other loving touches that will get in the way of a good dye result.

This is day 1 of a short stay-cation for Jim and I. This morning we are both doing chores but I am hoping to persuade him to a late lunch and a movie since the rain has put a cramp in his plans for the day.

I spent the morning filling the envelopes that have come rolling in with scraps and snips from baskets all over the place.
I feel like a crack dealer, giving away the "first taste" of hand dyed vintage cloth for free...and then, they'll be baaaack for more!   Off to the post office.

Richland WA, Huntington Beach CA, Berea Ky, Mascotte FL, Calimesa CA, Canfield OH, Wiscassett ME, and Crescent City CA – heads up! Your packages are on the way!

I'm also fooling with Colin's little Canon Elph since he has misplaced (somewhere in the hell of his possessions) my little Fuji. It's got too many options.

I recently started wearing a watch again because I am constantly (but silently) bitching out my customers for not knowing what date or time it is.

 It's a good thing I have a few days off.

 If one more fool replies "ten minutes ago" when I ask what DATE and TIME an incident occurred, I might hunt them down in whatever timezone they are in and slap them silly. 

And go ahead and give me another phone number without the area code, you huckleberry, and see what happens...THERE'S A WIDE WORLD OUT THERE!!  I feel better now...


  1. I'm about to leave home for a two week retreat, otherwise I would have begged for some of that hand dyed good stuff...but, perhaps when I return. I'm working on a story cloth inspired by Jude, and some hand dying with walnut, and stitching on a scarf a"tulip garden' pillow case. This post is so expressive of the daily detail, it cheers me. Hope you got the movie and late lunch. Be well. It's 3:46 PM in New York City by the way.

  2. Hmmmm.... I am reminded one more time why I was not cut out to do telephone work! Back when I was on the phones, we didn't have blogs where we could blow off frustration, so I kept it bottled up inside... not a good thing! Better to let it out here... we can take it! ;-)


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