Sunday, March 04, 2012

the cure for the common head cold a few rounds Alka Seltzer for colds over 12 hours of doing not much of anything. Sleep if you can and follow up with a generous portion of General Tso's chicken to incinerate any remaining germs and sterilize the sinus tracts. Feeling much better, thanks.

Today - a little mending,  a mountain of laundry folding and a lot of Mad Men and Killing.

I was lucky enough to get on board with the pilot of the Killing last year and keeping up with it became quite obsessive.

The storyline may sprawl and wander, the locale would make most folks list "contemplating suicide" as a hobby but the characters and the acting are compelling. Hope the new season will continue to deliver. Catch up if you can.

This was my first exposure to Mad Men. The premise was repellent to me back when it first aired and, although the two episode I watched today had their saving graces, I don't think I'll become a fan unless someone promises me that Draper will drop out and get real.

Back in the real day, I was the teenaged babysitter observing on the fringes of many of the lives portrayed in this series. The  hypocrisy and desperation of the characters was like bad BO they all stewed in under their suits and shirtwaist dresses.  Society and advertising were still struggling mightily to steer young women into bunny costumes and/or the indentured servitude of marriage with all of it's buying power. I won't start in on my rant about the United States of Advertising. I refused to buy into it back then and still opt out at every opportunity.


Vicky aka Stichr said...

i enjoy every amc program to date..i had to do a second try on mad men too, and this time it took....of course being able to see all the episodes one after another, is something i have become obsessed with. thank you netflix. i didn't know about 'killing', so thank you!

and...your spring piece is so joyous!

arlee said...

HA!! My fave AMC is The Walking Dead--makes my life seem sweet and good :)

tiedyejudy said...

Glad you're feeling better. I confess I have enjoyed Mad Men... it really does capture the era and all it's foibles. Kinda scary how they sucked us all into buying products we didn't need... can't help but think that's part of the problem we are now dealing with!