Friday, March 30, 2012

happy friday

I have to step back from hand dyeing for a few days. My process includes hand rinsing everything before putting it through the washing machine and last night my poor paws were begging for drugs.

So for the next few days I'm falling back on this little bit of hand stitching which is shaping up into something compelling. Tonight after work I'll slather my hands with some Bengay, put on gloves and be well in the morning.

I have also taken huge step in the direction of Peace of Mind and made an appointment with a tax professional for tomorrow afternoon. The 800 pound gorilla is packing his crap and vacating my studio as we speak.


  1. i was about two thirds the way thru a 75 yard dye quest and when i was doing that initial wringing out, i heard and felt this pop in my right hand....instant arthritis...the bump has never gone away and i now wear a splint at night. will i continue to dye fabric, you betcha, just gotta figure a way to wring out the initial dye without killing my hand, luckily it is my left hand but last week at a doll class i was almost in tears by the end. i will keep pushing thru........

  2. A lovely little boat of pickwoods!

  3. Wish you all the best for your poor hands and a good weekend of quiet stitching ;-)

  4. Hmmmm.... I'm in the middle of a huge dye project (dyeing 80 pieces of fabric for a friend to make into golf cart seat covers, and 80 towels)... will have to watch to be sure I don't overdo with the rinsing. As for the tax pro... good for you! I haven't done my own taxes for decades... worth every penny to hand off to someone who knows what they're doing!

  5. BE-U-tiful work in Philly.


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