Thursday, March 01, 2012

spring excitement

I keep picking this one up and looking for what should come next but not finding anything. Let's stick a fork in it then and get it mounted!

I pity the rest of the country suffering under the misery of bad weather - all the windows and doors in my house are open and warm breezes are sighing through. I feel like I'm in the crow's nest of a tall ship.

The sky is deep blue with bruised edges where the bad weather will be coming from once the sun goes down. We'll be ducking and covering under thunderstorms tonight.

The new dye  colors are on their way via UPS and the US mail will be bringing a special treat for the whole family - tickets for the first baseball game of the season at the Braves minor league park nearby.

They've come up with a great promotional exhibition - "The Braves All Stars vs. the Future Stars" or as they are know here, the Baby Braves. It should be a great night!


  1. just drizzle, when the sun comes out everything will go boing!

  2. Sun and clouds ...tonight wind advisory!

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    tornadoes mainly in southwest VA which is really odd....closed the college early and apparently they're still coming over our radio with alerts to keep us on our tip preparing in case.

  4. this piece looks like spring to me with kitties in the garden. I like it!

  5. The piece is delicious! Love the colors, textures, shapes, and lines.

  6. Love the taste of spring in this post! Even though I live in Mariner country, I love Bobby Cox! There is something about the old timers that tug at my heart and take me back to the minor league games I went to with my Dad. April 3 really isn't that far away, is it? (I went through my dyes and supplies and now I'm waiting for warmer weather. One minute it is 50, the next it is 32 - sun, rain, snow - the constant is the wind. I am so very tired of wind.) Wishing you a sunny weekend.

  7. Mmmmm - I can feel spring in this colorful piece. Have fun at the ol' ball game - baseball is such a great harbinger of spring. That poster is terrific - love the old style graphics... -sus

  8. Your piece just sings of spring!


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