Sunday, March 11, 2012

true(er) colors

Yeah, I'm as shocked as you are at the discrepancy between this one and the one I posted the other day. That was shot flat on the bedroom floor with only the feeble light from the overhead fixture.

This up on the design wall in the studio with just overcast morning light - closer to the harsh  truth and revealing my usual shortcomings..lack of value changes and/or balance. But  I'm not going to flush the baby down the terlet just yet.The mother cloth underneath it all is especially disappointing.

I was looking at Shell Vapors again and paid attention to where my eye was going and when I happy with what I was seeing and where I gave it a pass and moved on, six square inches at a time.

There are maybe enough YESs here to go ahead and work over the NOs one by one. Haste makes scraps, although a lot of you are happy about that, aren't you.... :)

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