Monday, April 15, 2013

more players arrive

I reworked the white areas with dishwasher gel this morning, standing over them watching, checking, the garden hose ready. Then they were hustled into a rewash with antichlor and Synthrapol.

No sooner did I get them on the line when it began to sprinkle so I brought them indoors still damp and pinned them up on the design wall...all the previous fabrics dumped unceremoniously  into the river basket. Now to see if and how things will work together.


arlee said...

OH HAI!!!! Puzzle pieces

Tammy said...

Wow love your cloth pieces. Thanks for popping over to my blog. I hope to keep posting. We'll see how that goes. .. i may just have to pop over to see you some day!!

Doina Serban said...

Oh god, those B&W are pure beauty! Can't wait to see what you make them into :)