Thursday, April 04, 2013


It's been that kind of a day - rainy and cold, only fit for curling up in the stitching chair.

But first thing this morning I got bogged down ordering postcards from MOO.  25% off is hard to resist when you chance upon something you actually need.

What I should have done was select images before hand and checked that each one was adequate to the print process, but I worked "on the fly" as their web process encourages. It's a lot like what happens at a many tasties out there that you put one tiny dab of 20 things on the plate. Too much to eat but not enough to satisfy. I was upset to find that many of my images were not large enough.  This is my first MOO experience...I'll let you know how things pan out.

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Minka said...

I've done MOO and had similar issues with my images....but I was printing those mini cards so I decided to print them anyway since they were so small and it worked out fine. I guess I should go see if the sale is still on....postcards would be nice.