Wednesday, April 17, 2013

studio day finally

Who else do you know gets all excited about finding a box of oatmeal that has bugs in it?

I set out a few pieces of cloth this morning sprinkled with dye laden oatmeal but switched up the soda ash application to after-dye rather than before-dye and I'm not entirely convinced it's best for the buggy oatmeal approach to dye delivery.

and down here we have some broad strokes on the design wall. nothing carved in stone or even loose stitches yet...I've already hacked open two of the larger bound by black pieces..They are not sitting well with me at the moment but I'll leave this up and tinker on it later.


Anonymous said...

aaaaahh.... HERE's the scale! wow! just wow. it's huge.

Deb said...

and this one is all disassembled bothered me.