Wednesday, April 02, 2014

tasties anyone?

It's a shopkeeping day and, as promised, here are the first batch of hand dyed threads that I did at FOF14.

There will be more as time goes on but, it's an incredibly tedious process. If  I wasn't taking first dibs on these for my own thread basket, I wouldn't do it all.

Details and close ups in the Shop

There is Braves game on TV today and I plan to spend nine innings making up some fat baggies from some of the cloth that I dyed in FL too.

PS - And while the boys were winning, I added fat baggies of FL cloth to the shop


  1. F27 and F20 please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mine arrived them. Rich rich color! And, Miss do such a good job on your photos of your thread and cloth...the color is so true. Thank You! Dotti


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