Saturday, September 12, 2015

two to get ready

I just came from last minute (almost) details for the show. "Spooky Stories", my Dad's quilt, is NFS and is a little rumpled from the time it spent in my lap this morning while I stitched on a sleeve. It's been in use since it came back to me from  New York so there were little things here and there that needed attention, like a small patch of baby barf that escaped my attention.

The quilt on the right, "Hopped Up", sold before I got it hung, right from the FB announcement of the show. I'll have to dig through the archives here and print out the provenance for the new owner.


  1. How wonderful! A pre-sale! May it be a sign of more sales to come...

  2. My daughter received a promotion and will be moving to the Atlanta area at the end of September. She chose me to help her unpack when she moves. One of my rewards for helping her will be to find the Phoenix and Dragon and see your show in person. Congratulations!


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