Wednesday, September 09, 2015

the hard work

"Reticulated"  2007 
Who stays and gets to strut it's stuff and who gets rolled up to go back into the closet?   I spent two full hours making those decisions yesterday and, with no one to help me pull back and see clearly, I hope I made the right choices.

It might just be a big damn mess, but the ones that got to stay are clearly my favorites. I was alone in the room with memories. Today, Colin and I will go over and actually get everything up on the walls. Here are a few who didn't make the cut even though I hauled them over there.

None of my smaller pieces are represented.
It's a big room and the littles tend to get lost.

"Limbo" 2007
I'm going to be updating my gallery over the coming weeks so each one will get a chance to shine.

"Summer banner" wasn't even finished and no time to make it happen.  (minus the lettering, of course)

so many more. so many.
"Mirage" (from the highway to hell series)

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