Friday, November 09, 2018

Update !!Grace & waiting

Grace & Tribe are safe. Checking in at the Gridley Fairgrounds!

And here in Georgia, we continue to wait to see if the GOP is going to steal the election. There has been so much blatant voter suppression, it ultimately has to be considered criminal. 

I feel like time is grinding to a halt and we jump from one indecency, one horrendous act of depravity or stupidity, to the next, with no time between to reflect or resolve anything. 

This venerable purslane awaits its end as the temps begin to fall. I just don't have a container large enough for it and research says that if they overwinter inside, they won't bloom again. Sweet short lives. I have lots of seeds from this one and will start it again in the spring.


  1. Very wise of them. I have wondered all day how they all are. I know many still in CA. This scares me.

  2. she seems to have posted a bit later. Hope they all are OK.

  3. all of us here ... hoping for there ...

    may she be safe ...

  4. she left a message on my blog. I heard Oroville mentioned as a risk on the news.

  5. Purslane overwinters just fine here in Maine---outside--but likes to be next to a wall of some sort.
    so dig it out of the pot and plant the whole thing next to the house foundation. If it makes it thru a Maine Winter--just saying.

  6. Lake Oroville residents are going to Quincy, further into the mountains. If you look at the terrain maps, the whole area is mountain foothills, lots of ridge backs and valleys.

    Even though they are not that close to the Lake, I hope they have left the Hill, because this monster is awful!

  7. Thanks Deb for this update on grace and tribe: I posted this link on grace's blog for any who would check to see if there is news and don't know that you have info on your blog.

  8. the onslaught of news about depravity and corruption really does have a way of distorting time. Georgia's gotten a recent win, but will it be enough to counter the inventive and pervasive voter suppression? it gets hard to keep hoping.

    and thanks for news about Grace. Now that we know she and her tribe are safe, there is the land to worry about. I sure hope it doesn't get scorched.


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