Wednesday, May 06, 2020

the less than festive dyefest

I described this small batch of threads to a friend as "hinky", that is, odd. Colors were not as expected. Conditions were right but I'm thinking that several of my colors are failing - old or suffering from my casual storage technique.

Lessons, that I should have remembered from previous misadventures in dyeing. I should have gotten some tattoos.

DO NOT WASH ITEMS WITH SOY WAX  RESIST IN WITH THE OTHER CLOTH! Yes, everything has a slightly greasy feel because I forgot that my hot water is not really hot enough. All will have to be rewashed at least once.

NEVER wash woven or crocheted cotton items in with damask!!

The French Market bags are ruined. Functional, but ugly as hell and the soft thread has left lint on everything. Lint nicely stuck down to everything with a gloss of soy wax. Nothing that a lot of elbow grease won't cure. The majority of these cloths will be headed for the scrap basket.


  1. i could live in your scrap basket

  2. I'd buy one of those cloths as is, no matter it's color or texture!

  3. I'm looking at those turquoise/pinks in the center ... please let me know how they wash out as I might could use a batch of them for the granddaughter coverlet

  4. Yay, another negative! I'm is a similar place, negative on April 27th...still sick. Day 21. I'm sorry I've not been over here enough to know, but very glad you tested negative.
    Be well


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