Sunday, July 19, 2020

the conversation

I need this activity to focus on the story the way I used to need walking. Not the best substitute for me, physically, but this is how it's always been in the summer.

Thursday started like this. The plan for a substrate for words already written took the process away from me, in its sharp teeth. I said, "Okay, but not now." It came down off the wall for another day. 

Then it was time to be with Charlie. We spent a careful, long half-hour at the optometrist, selecting replacement glasses. His folks agreed he could have his choice. He had been chattering about Neon
Yellow. I was grateful There was no such option. He didn't dither and chose a rather Captain America look of blue, red, and silver. Pictures when they come in, of course. He very solemnly listened to advice about how very important wearing them and caring for them was. A privilege.

Then there was this. Another attempt the next morning, while he was still asleep, it fell flat but pointed me back in the direction of color. I parked it and started over.

Jackson Pollock would have been proud. My studio looks like a cyclone hit it. If I had tried to make a video of my process like Dee's, people would have been screaming at the screen. 
"What? Again with that damn shape? A quarter-inch to the right? Are you kidding? Put it back. No! " so the dialogue went.

Finally, Saturday morning early, the page is ready for the messages and I'm reminded that every choice- thread, needle, color, shape, line, spacing - have meaning and I want to say so much. 

My thoughts reaching into the future are with the protesters in Portland and in terror for schoolchildren in red states. The GOP only wants strong, stupid cannon fodder. 

Thoughts reaching into the past about a life of consequence. Rest in power, very honorable John Lewis. That bridge should have been renamed in his lifetime, but I can imagine he was not a man to hunger for that kind of acknowledgment.  

ps. this bit of sweetness:


  1. Any day with Charlie is a gift. You are an abstract cloth artist I think. Just saw this Video sent by my friend Amy Ernst-you might enjoy it

  2. your MerMan and his progeny

  3. I laughed out loud at the vision of you being shouted at by the host of unseen watchers over your creative process. I would hate to have someone looking over my shoulder, although I enjoyed looking over Dee's.

  4. That color is grand! Makes me think I chose for your bag well! Ha.
    Your pool loving men look happy, traditions carry on.


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