Tuesday, July 07, 2020

a week away

Not from home, but here. Many things were happening and I just let the days unfold without thinking about documenting them or sharing.  Nothing dire. Most of it beautiful, engaging and pretty mundane. 
Gifted cloth transformed

Then I started thinking about how I feel these fraught days when online friends go "missing". A vague ache that pushes me further away from the imaginary realm.  
The pool is finally open, to the delight of two of us, so far.

A whole day spent stitching to music. High as a kite on last year's harvest was capped in miraculous fashion by Hamilton. 

I hardly have words to describe it. On reflection, I realize part of my intense emotional responses, rivers of tears both bereft and joyful, were about how much Jimmy would have loved it. 

There have been gifts and letters in the mail and I'm frustrated by not being willing/able to go to the post office. I need to find a way. Putting Colin at risk by having him do all the grocery shopping is bad enough. 

Georgia, along with the rest of the South is a pesthole. We circle our wagons, masking and handwashing like starving raccoons. 

Smoke still in the air after the bombardment of the 4th.


Nancy said...

Man, that sky!!! Looks like you've got a very happy camper there in the pool :)
Beautiful cloth, as always! J. Does all of our mailing, shopping...everything! Especially because of how sick I was. He worries. I'm going stir crazy and wouldn't mind running an errand, plus it would feel more fair. Truth though, he has a better immune system than me. Sigh. The air hasn't been good here either.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the post office. my beloved. where ever i am, my beloved.
it is the same for me...Alyssia goes and it's not good. There are
too parts, a huge room with all the PO Boxes...there is ok....she
can monitor her distance there, and there's never more than a few
others in that space at any one time.
but then, the other business half, the long counter and the long
waiting line with NO DISTANCING, NONE and last time she was there,
when i was waiting outside with Emrie, only one other person went
in or came out wearing a mask. July. N California. or, i should
say Oroville. People take pride in NO MASK. how very strange.

but there is a Kiosk she says, in the PO Box part that she thinks will
print out all that is needed to whip up a postage sticker for a mailing
tube? a little scale....? we will try it out. Otherwise i will not
involve self with mail. a big Bummer. Means i will put nothing in
the little Shop which means there is no point creating anything for
that little shop.