Tuesday, July 07, 2020

back to the garden

Earlier in spring, there were a few puny buds that barely opened before browning and falling off. I gave up getting any gardenias. 

I went to the library for the first time in three overdue notices only because there were also notices that "Varina" and "Regrets" were finally available. 

The new library guy looks just like Justin Trudeau. What I could see over his mask anyway.  

As I pulled back into the driveway a flash of white caught my eye. There they were, three in bloom and more buds waiting. 

Gardenia. The sexiest flower in the garden.

Those feathery leaves are Red Cypress Hummingbird vine. I better go back up there tomorrow with some tall sticks to give them and the morning glory something else to climb on before they all choke each other. 

It's a Jungle up there! 

And in keeping with yesterdays post about keeping our eyes on one another, 

How are you doing? 

Where ever you are in the world, what's the thing you cling to for keeping an even keel to your day?


Nancy said...

What a lovely surprise! You wear it well!

CF said...

What a great picture... your eye, that gardenia, the gold earring... looks like joy to me.

I cling to that thirty minutes to an hour first thing in the morning when my husband and dog are still sleeping, when my world is quiet except for the awakening sounds of nature right outside the door. It sets a peaceful tone to the day. Even though every day doesn't start that way, it happens often enough to keep me grounded.