Monday, December 25, 2006

the Booty

As much as I have been suffering with my annual case of humbuggery, my Goodman once again came through with a small thing to delight me and lift my spirits. Love by the Beatles is that gem this Christmas.

I've been a Beatles fan since the first time I heard "She Loves You" coming from my mother's portable, leather bound Zenith radio. Something so different and compelling in those young voices working those flirty minor chord lifts captured my attention so completely I scorched a huge brown "V" in the back of one of my Dads dress shirts because I was so intent on this new sound. This is more than a new compilation or greatest hits. The way it's been produced reminds me of how albums connected one song to the next to make a whole that was more than the sum of the parts. For me it adds up to emotional time travel.

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