Monday, December 11, 2006

Sewing Again

Seems like a long time but it's going well. "Mopery..." is under the needle and making me very happy even though I really don't gravitate to reds, especially the bluish reds, but there you have it. Up close, there are many other little color things going on that I plan to accentuate with stitching. Machine stitching- so you know I haven't gone totally round the bend. I've added a Work In Progress link to the sidebar and created a non-Blogger place to keep better track of work in progress so I don't have to scramble all over for information once I decide to add the piece to the main gallery. Also (whispering) I don't trust this new Beta Blogger all that much. I must publicly thank Shoshana for featuring me in the sidebar of her blog with Senator Barak Obama and Knit Tits. What an honor! She also asked aloud about what folks do when they become creatively adrift or stale. Beside cleaning, I go digging about in my old digital files. I'm a fiendish collector of bizarre miscellaneous digitalia specializing in round things. Go figger. Here's a few I dug up:


Dijanne Cevaal said...

And thank you for mentioning my blog on Quilt Art!
Love the discharged pieces.

Romeo Morningwood said...

Hey I just watched a doc on the Mason's and how if you Google Earth Washington DC they have laid out the streets in a giant Pentagram..very coool.
That mummified Mayan Cookie is very scary!
The quilty thingamabob is absolutely beautiful and the globes are fantesticle!