Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dogpaddling & SlowCloth

This little duck pillow is finished. I'm not thrilled with the way the velcro closure looks so once I find the right herbal stuffing for it (just fluff inside for now) I'm going to remove the velcro and sew it shut. The way it is, it feels like a hiding place for valuables instead of something small to be cherished for it's own sake. I'm not sure this whole "slow cloth" thing is for me. At this moment in my life, too much contemplation seems to lead to sadness which is probably why I'll spend the day folding laundry and any other mindless tasks I find. Try to be useful. Then again, it's that time of the year to make decisions about what pieces to enter into all the various venues out there that are just warming up. So there is paperwork to be considered and, once it warms up, photos to be taken. Thanks to all the folks who make this information public. Thanks Pam, for this one and Mary Macbride for this one. Sewing sleeves onto interesting backsides is necessary and productive.


Donna said...

sometimes "mot thinking" but doing more quickly is called for... The fish pillow is wonderful -- I love the way the dorsal spine looks

verobirdie said...

I like your duckie pillow, perfect for hugging.
Just like you, I feel that thinking leads to sadness, presently. Try to keep my mind busy instead. Hope we'll soon be better.

Debra said...

Love the duckie pillow! It looks comforting and lovings.

The idea of puttering and trying to do something useful to feel better? I can so understand. Think I've been cleaning the kitchen twice a day! And never such clean laundry.

For me, it means I'm afraid of moving forward with stuff that I know I need to do. Must. Push. Through. It.

Hope you can push through too. Go paint some wild fabric..

My Brain on Quilts said...

I love the duck and fish pillows -- they are very fun and funky!

Elin said...

Some years ago, I made a bunch of fish pillows for a holiday Marketplace at a gallery in CT. Fish, birds and hands are motifs that I keep using over and over and over again. Sometimes I worry about it and sometimes I think it's a good thing!

PaMdora said...

You're welcome!