Thursday, January 17, 2008


It snowed a little bit last night. Just enough to send the native Georgians screaming to the market to buy the last loaves of bread, gallons of milk and 12 packs of beer they could get their hands on. I keep forgetting to set up my roadside stand at the first mention of a few flakes. I could sell all the above for three times the price right out of the trunk of my car out on highway 29. As punishment for my superiority and lack of compassion, I've finally succumbed to the cold that's been thriving in everyone I live and work with. My throat was sore when I went to bed last night and Karma climbed up to sleep next to my head which is a clear signal that you better have your affairs in order. Remember Oscar? Karma only cozies up when you are sick - then she hands you off to Oscar but I'm home from work today making a little kitchen magic (discharging and dyeing - you didn't think I meant cooking did you?) and poking around in the studio just brewing something mentally. Rummaging through the stash, pulling out this and that, casting about through those Left Ouevres trying to catch a Whiff or a Glimmer, just in case you ever wondered about the title of my blog. Alka Seltzer for Colds is my drug of choice. Remember this and this two classic pieces of "What was she thinking?" As both were constructed with high loft poly batting making them near impossible to quilt, I donated both of the to the Gwinnett Humane Society as blankets for the beasts in residence.


Nellie's Needles said...

Lucky animals! Hope you feel well soon.

My Brain on Quilts said...

Your "what was she thinking" pieces are pretty good, lucky pups.