Sunday, January 20, 2008

New WIP on the Wall

I've been casting about for ideas on how to re-arrange the furniture at my main website. It was a busy and productive year and it's time to bring the new work into the big room. To help me think about it all, I grubbed about this blog and found images of almost all the major pieces that were completed last year grouped together here in approximately the order in which they were made. Getting things to relative scale was more headache than I wanted to fool with so I put in the sizes if not the titles. The one that kept catching my eye and bothering me to come back and be friends was this one, "Up on Wheels" much of it done with the antique cotton damasks that I dyed and discharged. It's confounding to work with, slithering around and full of life as a bag of snakes but so rich and full of surprises. I still have quite a selection of those re-purposed table linens so the new piece will be number two in a new series. In my files and folders I found this statement that I wrote for my free listing over at The Painter's Keys Art Directory: "I combine my love of color and abstract painting with a continuing exploration of the possibilities of fiber art. Although the viewers are discouraged from handling the art, I want them to ache to touch it. Everything I make is about exciting the eye and engaging the viewer with the tactile draw of cloth and the drama of the colors and shapes that hint at mystery, magic and sometimes the sly grin." The "slow fiber/art" notion must be sinking in because I spent a lot of time with "Up on Wheels" and plan on approaching this new WIP with the same mindset. Hand work, painting, more discharging and appliqué - all to be considered.

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Denise Aumick said...

These are great, Deb. The first one is so vibrant and this newer one is looking really good too. Do you discharge after you've pieced? Thanks for the inspiration!