Sunday, January 06, 2008

Innocent Bystanders

Crap - I missed the best outside light of the day by about two hours. I forgot about them damn trees making shadows. I'll have to try again tomorrow or shoot inside. ::in response::: Gabrielle- "painterly". Exactly! Owing to the theme of this series (the world without us) I no longer have to remind myself why I'm working with fabric instead of paint and canvas. Everything here is recycled or scrounged - antique cotton damasks, lawn, sheeting - all salvage of one sort or another. Even the black industrial polyblend in the background was a dumpster rescue donated by a friend. If it was just the imagery I was after, I'd be taking photographs. I need the texture, the feely-ness of fiber to convey the personal nature of this issue. At the same time I continue to struggle to find expanses of color and texture that meet my need for large scale. This one is 62"x42". Thanks for feeling it Karen. This is the third in a series that started with the two big blue pieces back about two months ago. They are all concerned with global warming. In this one you see the bird above, plant life in the center and a fish below. The first two pieces were a more generalized comment on what the planet is experiencing, feeling if you will, at the hands of human selfishness. This one and subsequent pieces will look more closely at the effects of global warming on the innocent bystanders.


mzjohansen said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one who does that ! Miss the light I mean .. and here, in the winter, I can measure that by minutes rather than hours! Great quilt though ! Shadows or not !

Karoda said...

what is the commentary behind the quilt? for some reason, i'm sensing this has personal meaning...well, more personal meaning, comparatively speaking...:)

gabrielle said...

Deb, I love this painterly. Hope this is the beginning of a new series. Drooling on the keyboard!