Saturday, May 30, 2009

small obsessions

Why does making a thing become obsessive? Why do people fall into patterns of focusing too intently on making or doing something that seems to have no point or purpose? Although it took only a few innings to crochet, I spent most of the morning dyeing and painting it. Once it was nearly dry I treated it with acrylic medium so now it's stiff. If you click on the picture you can see the metallic powder that was mixed into the glaze. Maybe I should take up pottery. You can't see it over the edge but there's a penny in there with maybe room for three more to cover the bottom of this vessel. But there's nothing like some freshly hatched color to bring me to my senses.


Penny said...

Yummy!!Oh, I hope next weekend I can do the same.

Leslie said...

Oh, I like what you did to that little vessel. Kewlio!

jude said...

i love the cross between the fiber and pottery. the dye made it so clay like.