Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Thanks to Red Thread Studio I have a new image to obsess about. I was captivated by this image and then the name "Conquistador" - a Jack Lenor Larsen fabric at the Minneapolis Institute for the Arts from 1966. So much of his work feels fresh and wonderful. The shapes, the lines the colors (even the description of the colorways!) all made me want to drop everything and heat up the wax.I am already mentally mixing a batch of my secret "Monkeys Blood" dye. Until I have the time to devote a whole weekend to dyeing and waxing, here's a new fish under way for while I am at the office and limited to hand stitching.

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Lainie said...

Hi Deb! Thank you for the link. Oh, I wish I could come and spend a week in the dye studio with you.

I'm hoping Jack Lenor Larsen might be at the SDA conference next week. Isn't that design gorgeous?