Monday, May 25, 2009

Starting out

I canned these last night. The yellows are some find Kona (thanks Linda C.) and some 99 cent muslin from OHCO. The pink is a piece of that vintage feed sack cloth. Errands to attend to now while they are in the dryer. Wax when I get back. Maybe before midnight. Consumerizing ate up the day and when I got back, Farmer Jim was ready to start planting. We have a veggie plot now, ringed by marigolds which were all gotten into the freshly tilled and vastly improved, miserable Georgia clay between thunderstorms. Pictures tomorrow, maybe. Meanwhile the pool is nearly filled, the tree frogs are disapproving of the clean cold water and with any luck, tonight they will relocate back down to the creek.


jude said...

i love the intensity of the jars with all that color holding back ready to jump out at any moment.

Deb Lacativa said...

I wish the colors had stayed. I made the novice error of using these colors straight from the refrigerator and the results even after overnight were more like pale Easter eggs. Perfect candidates for over dyeing, of course.