Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hooked deep

My fish fixation continues.The dyed damasks have the same iridescent shimmer that's found in fish skins. What could be more alien than a creature who's environment would kill us in a few heartbeats without scuba gear? I've been watching River Monsters with horrid fascination thinking about all the times I blithely paddled about in strange waters, both fresh and salt, toes and fingers like so many tasty Twinkies. Years ago I lived in Provincetown MA for a summer. Some friends and I splashed about at night in the high summer tide alongside one of the town piers just to watch the bio luminescent microorganisms shimmer green fire ripples around us in the water. Minutes later as we sat dripping with our feet dangling off the seawall, a huge curved shape about six feet wide was outlined by the green glow as it swam in a great curving arc in from the depths to where we had stood moments before and then, without pausing, turn back to deep water leaving a trail of stars in it's wake. It was more than chilling.

It's all in the eyes


arlee said...

A celocanth! (Argh can't spell today)
We used to swim in the late late night off Bowen Island just to play in the phospherescence, magical, silly and sensual all at once. said...

O-o-o-o great stitching! I really like all the different elements you have in here. Your story is frightening. I always think when I read or hear similar stories that there is a reason you were saved and one was to create beauty in the world.

Anonymous said...

Came to visit via Spirit Cloth. I love your fish!