Monday, December 19, 2011


"Healer" 22"x'22"  2003

I was tinkering with my laptop this morning and some of the newer versions of programs I have been forced into in the move to Windows 7 when I stumbled across a bunch of files from back in the day.

When I first started learning HTML for the purpose of building and maintaining my own website I didn't pay a lot of attention to organizing the files properly. Files are named cryptically and are scattered all over the place. 

this B&W image caught and soothed my over stimulated eye this morning.

Both built on common cotton bandanas, this is a companion piece to "Parking Magik" which was created for a black and white challenge and is part of the Del Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection . Once upon a time I was enthralled by commercial cotton prints and beading with no notions of dyeing fabric.


Anonymous said...

odd but i KNOW it is yours.

i love seeing how my favorite close fiber art friends have grown.

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Sheeprustler said...

It's beautiful :)

Robbie said...

thanks for sharing with us! You can't beat black/white! Very nice piece!

bj said...

You've just confirmed what I was trying to decide (about my next quilt project) this very morning! Looking at fabrics, different combinations, color choices --- they all began to run together after I put them away. One of my choices was a stack of black and white prints and one wild splash of color...and your post has my eyes wide with anticipation at the first cuts/stitches of the new quilt I'll be working on. Thank you for such perfect timing!

Mary Ann said...

Love it. If you can do back and white you can do anything.

Anonymous said...

This is stunning - very different but just gorgeous.