Monday, December 05, 2011

rêver 4 finished

Except for a handful of white french knots here and there on the avenues and a little blocking, "rêver 4" is finished.
I had a fleeting notion of mounting the four of these together on a big canvas but seeing them together this way I have changed my mind. Now to commit to mounting them with acrylic medium on canvas.

and to every one who commented on yesterday's post, one by one I will be responding. many thanks for the input and food for deeper thought - all lights on a dark path are welcome light.


Anonymous said...


love them all together.

don't worry about reply. sometimes we just need to ask and answer our own deep questions. sometimes getting too caught up in it makes everything muddy. i find stir a little and then sit still....then i usually find a good focus.

i have sort of stunk with the replies lately.

i loved your question and have thought about it since reading it.

i often feel most dissatisfied with quilting when i have much bigger worries that haven't yet surfaced....i.e. right before we decided to sell the house, difficulty in the marriage that i haven't yet verbalized, interpersonal relationships. etc.

i also find having another outlet or set of friends is a great motivator. i find exercise and personal wellness people great. i love reading their overwhelmingly positive stance and the try try again attitude.

quilting is very very communal, though many do it alone, doing it online makes it very hardcore. It can be both a positive and a negative.

i love you as an artistic person. if you decide decoupaging tissue boxes is your medium i'm there babe. rooting you on.

team deb!
just promise you'll occasionally dye me some fabulous threads cause no body does color quite like you do ;)

Quilt or Dye said...

Love,Love,Love this!

Michele T said...

This is beautiful and I love it for its creativity and originality. It is something that I would aspire to make (some day) thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love this - I'm drawn to the small geometric patterns - - pleasant surprise! Thank you

Nancy said...

This is so beautiful. Amazing how the light is on, drawing you (the viewer) in! Congrats on completion.

Karoda said...

This is very cool piece...makes me think of urban development.