Monday, February 27, 2012

digging and finding

Spontaneous Construction 42"x43" 
I spent a lot of time this weekend finding old things and seeing what's held up, and what hasn't.

It started with having to restore and update the music on my aging Ipod. The backups have been lost and so I was, one disc at a time, restoring the cuts I crave these days. I found several unlabelled subliminal recordings that sounded suspiciously like whale gut rumblings and I fell asleep with the thing on, earbuds plugged into my head! Who know what cracks in my brain have been reordered or re-routed and with what information?

  It was interesting that more than half of what was, is no more and not missed. Then again I found myself one-clicking one song after the next at Amazon from a long wish list of CDs, new and old.

Then I started in on the bedroom closet and and came across this piece which was hatched out at my first ever class at Arrowmont with Elizabeth Barton.  I was very new to dyeing and we were tasked with dyeing two gradations and these colors must have been assigned to me (although I can't imagine it) because red and green would be the last on my list of choices. A proper image is in order. At some point in my life I took the time and infinite patience to hand quilt this making it up as I went, as was the machine pieced construction. If you have the opportunity to take one of Elizabeth's classes, jump at it.

I also unearthed a fragment of a story that, although unfinished, is worth a second look and some harsh reworking. Who was it said "kill your darlings" ?

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Anonymous said...

I love it! And I appreciate the review of her class.