Monday, July 29, 2013

showtime round 2

This is a detail from "Beaches"  a piece that you've never seen a full image of  because I never put a sleeve on it - just finished it, took a few quick and dirties and put it away.
That was in 2010.

Tomorrow I'll be fitting a sleeve onto it because it will (hopefully) be included in a solo show that I'm hanging on Wednesday morning.

I have been offered the gallery for the whole month of August back at Phoenix & Dragon,  here in Atlanta.  The owner curated the show last year from nearly thirty pieces that I brought her and I was so pleased with her choices.

 I have twenty four new pieces to bring her and the room is large enough for more than three fourths of them.

Stay tuned...


Ms. said...

GOOD for YOU!!! Nothing like a show to get that motor spinning in high gear. This looks cheerful. Can't wait to see it sleeved.

Ellen Lindner said...

24 new pieces, with all that hand stitching? HOW do you work so quickly???

Deb Lacativa said...

Ellen..over two years, an average of one month each..and I'd say the machine and hand stitching is about 50/50