Thursday, February 14, 2019

Heart's blood

I was just starting to get the hang of text on cloth when I stopped making these badges.

I ran out of red cloth.

Never a favorite, I'm as hard to please red-wise as I am black. It has to be just the right shade or I won't use it.

That will be a dye project in the upcoming season.

Blood on the tracks.


  1. They're sooo beautiful, Deb !

  2. I'm a fan of a blue red and will not use an orange red. Fussy Women Rule!

  3. love is the answer

  4. Love these! I don't do a lot of reds, either in my dyeing or fabrics I buy. I do a lot of fucshias and hot pinks tho. Dye season will be here before you know it! I should be snow dyeing these days, but really prefer using ice to snow... too bad!

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