Saturday, February 23, 2019

the penny from heaven

This past Tuesday while I was waiting to pick Charlie up at school, I looked in the mirror and realized my earring was missing.

I don't have a lot of jewelry. Never buy for myself so anything gifted to me is precious. Jim bought me these when Colin was born almost forty years ago. He hid the JC Penny's bill from me all summer. I wear them day and night, rarely changing them for something else.

I had the strangest pang when I saw it missing because the night before, I dreamed that I'd lost it and in the dream, I was unaffected. I usually go nuts looking for something like this until I find it.

It had been a busy day - a half dozen errands. Me getting in and out of the car with a new scarf on that seemed to catch on everything. I made a few calls, stopped off at the place where I had coffee. Nothing. I remained emotionally removed. By the end of the day, I was resigned that it was gone forever.

Jake just sent me this message. He found it in the very busy parking lot in front of his apartment building. For this simple thing, and a few other more important ones, we are being looked out for. We have an Angel.


Joanne S said...

Was holding my breath. Sigh, and for Jake to find it. How wonder-filled is that!

Ms. said...

Your Karma is working for you.

Dana said...

How amazing! I am so glad.

Cj said...

Love when the story ends like this. Especially pieces that mean so much to us.