Thursday, February 25, 2021

revving up for color


Another peachy day in Georgia.

I got pretty crazy over at ProChem last season. Nothing missing here; a lot of warm weirdness on hand. 
Don't think I even got the chance to try Autumn or Valentine. They were on sale too late in the season. 

All the mindless winding is already done. Fingers crossed the warmth holds. If so, a dyefest this weekend with the focus on threads. No clue what cloth I have on hand. 

Scheduled for my 2nd Pfizer tomorrow.  Hoping it doesn't hit and echo as hard as the first one did. 

It's almost time for Louie, Mr. Wilson & Co. to go back outside on the deck. There will be no competition for my affections out there this year. Maybe I can get some hyacinth vines growing.. Jungleland!


Robbie said...

We had our 2nd Pfizer vaccine shots and no'll be great!

Liz A said...

I was fine after my 2nd Pfizer shot until I wasn't ... tylenol and sleep got me through

Nancy said...

I go for my first Pfizer tomorrow.